A good artist is self-aware. They understand their genre, their audience, and within the lane sculpted for themselves, they play their position adeptly. They are consistent. As a fan, you have a level of expectation with each release. A great artist on the other hand has the ability to adapt without compromising their art. With each project, they have the ability to set a new standard. From caterpillar, to cocoon, to butterfly, the essence remains the same. This week, I introduce a woman not only unafraid of evolution, she welcomes it.

Introspect is a fascinating concept. For some, the question posed begins an internal dialogue wherein the host is guided on a journey of safety by following the rigidity of rules. They are content. For others, it opens a conversation of possibility wherein the inhibitions of fear give way to exhibitions of faith. This week, I introduce a courageous young man not content with mere survival. This week, I introduce a courageous young man who wants to live!

The loudest in the room doesn’t speak from a position of power – they are merely exposing insecurities. They lack confidence. Instead, pay attention to those who enunciate each word with measured precision. This is where real strength lies.┬áTo quote The 48 Laws of Power author Robert Greene: “the human tongue is a beast that few can master”. This week, I introduce a virtuoso.