Over the last few weeks, I’ve been turnin’ my notifications off for the majority of the day due to how often my phone kept vibratin’/bellowin’/illuminatin’. As you can imagine, I’m always on my phone so when I’m tryna zone out to a podcast, a nostalgic episode of somethin’ from my teen days or jus lockin’ off to some music, it was all becomin’ a tad frustratin’. This was all to the annoyance of my close ones. But I wasn’t purposefully airin’ anyone – a man just needed time to breathe. Anyhow, come Wednesday last week, I hopped on Insta and saw an inbox from the plug. It finally happened. I buss my campaign cherry.

True repentance is an admission of wrong-doing and guilt. It is a confession that you have committed an act so abhorrent, you deem it necessary to plead forgiveness. But – what if the act is only a part representation of self? Must one be apologetic for their duality? To some, the answer is simple: Yes. To others, admission is an admonishment of one’s identity. In doing so, you deny traits that embody your individuality. You betray your essence. This week, I introduce a brand that not only embodies the empowerment of self, but also champions the duality that resides within.

You know what? It’s been a minute since I linked up wid da YIC still. Them man are movin’ Hollywood these days whilst I’m on the cusp of shiftin’ out the straight to ‘DVD’ sec. Can’t see them man there! Gonna have to start schedulin’ appointments through ‘payroll’ P.A. soon. But, I jest as I already digress from the topic at hand. Despite the distinction, we’re both players in the game. And you know what? That’s my son there ya know! I’m proud of his work-rate, his commitment to the craft, and the hustler’s ambition. The boy’s already made more that fiddy cents in this! For me, life’s been movin’ at a steadier pace since the initial onslaught that followed our first link. Conscious decisions had to be made to work smarter and indulge in work befittin’ of the ‘cool’ culture being cultivated at ‘I Be The Cool’. So seein’ as I love kicks and the fact that Adidas and Liverpool have already been good to the kid, when the plug hit the line with an event, man had to Khabib da ting: “Send location”.

And we turned up.

Seein’ as my last post was on a #ThrowbackThursday vibe, it’s only right I followed suit with this one. It makes sense to follow the structure. At least that’s what I’m tellin’ myself anyhow. But, here’s the truth of the matter. As the pop up took place on Carnival weekend, I had a lot of content to organise ‘n’ prep for the comin’ week. That, ‘n’ the fact I flew out to Greece for a week with my little hitta (haydenjarrett_) a couple days after the event took place. So, I had to put this one on the back burner till I touched back down on home turf. But don’t worry bout nothin’. We here now. We got the content. Let’s jump in ‘n’ tell you what went down at the gramm x basementapproved drop. 

Certain tings you treat like fast food. 2 2 ingredients here, minimal prep there. It don’t require much. It’s exactly what it says on the tin. Just a quick respite to keep the hunger at bay ’til you reach home. But then, there’s other tings. Other tings which require experience, patience, effort, ‘n’ most importantly, love. Have you never wondered why the only person who could throw down better than mumzy was grans? They had the system patterned to the T. That’s the approach we took when cookin’ up this drop. A month in the makin’, it’s only right that we drop this on #ThrowbackThursday. This weren’t a ‘I’m Lovin’ It’ or ‘Have It Your Way’ bite to eat. This was a multiple ingredients, slice n dice, slow cook, keep ya elbow off da damn table ‘n’ say grace before you touch the cutlery meal. Pièce de résistance.

Here’s the thing. When you’re a ‘natured’ creative wrapped within the confines of a ‘nurtured’ corporate sphere, it can be extremely overwhelming. Though the law of the land dictates money is a necessity to afford basic human requirements (food/water/shelter), the conscience of nature will fight against the restraints of nurture. It wants to be free. It’s not something you can easily suppress. However, whereas the idealist may succumb to their innate inclinations, the realist strives to find balance betwixt the discord that rages within. This week, I introduce a man  determined not to give in.