BLACK Pt.3: Why do you fight?

Fight: to use physical force to try to defeat another person or group of people:
“They fought to the bitter end.”
Fight: to use a lot of effort to defeat or achieve something, or to stop something happening:
“He fought against racism.”

The act of fighting takes many forms. To those in power, it is a way to keep said power away from those deemed subservient. In the negative sense, power can be used to manipulate, oppress and subjugate. On the other hand, fighting can be deemed an honourable act. Used by those suppressed, it is a way to enact liberty by sparring for justice against the legion of inequality.

In part one of the BLACK series, we began by exploring “what does it mean to be black?”In part two, we delved further by asking “how do you think the world sees you?”. Now, in part three, we conclude our series by asking:

“Why do you fight?”


Grace: Photographer / Storyteller 

“I fight because we have spent centuries being on the back-burner even though we have felt like we started so many things and I just want us to be seen as equal – to be seen as on an equal playing field where we are exactly the same as you no matter what we look like, no matter what we do. We are the same as you, no matter what.”


Compton: Assistant Team Manager / Photographer

“I fight because of my son. I fight so that he doesn’t have to go through anything that I go through now, so that he can live in a world that’s free and he can be anyone he desires.”


Chanice: Actor / Dancer / Model

“Because in the future, my grand-kids, I wanna tell them that our culture f[ou]ght for them and if it wasn’t for [us] standing up [to] racism, then they probably wouldn’t be here today.”


Corey: Recording Engineer / Producer / DJ

“All humans are equal. We are all one race which is the human race. I feel like you should be the change you want to see in the world.”


Danieka: Model

“I fight because I wasn’t brought into this world to live a life of oppression. I fight because I honestly believe that if we stand together as people, our voices can be heard and it will be heard, and I believe that we will gain freedom, peace and our rights.”


Dao: Actor / Filmmaker

“I fight for the current generation, I fight for the past generation and I fight for the future generations, i.e the kids, our son’s sons, our daughter’s daughters because they shouldn’t be subjected to this systematic oppression.”


Darian: Senior Business Analyst

“The treatment of black and brown people across the world is not acceptable and as long as I’m alive, I won’t sit in silence.”


Demar: Photographer / Writer

“The baton’s been passed onto me and everyone on this planet now to continue the fight against oppression, against injustice, against inequality. I fight so I can look myself in the mirror and know what I stand for and where I want to get to. I fight so that the next generation can look at me with pride and know that I stood for something and I didn’t allow injustice to go unchecked.”


Georgette: Dual-trained Barrister & Solicitor / Entrepreneur

“I fight to build on my ancestor’s fight and struggle. I fight to make sure the next generation don’t have to justify being here. We are here because we are who we are and we should be here. We are equal, we are powerful, we are educated we are intelligent. I fight to make sure we don’t have to keep fighting.”


Dias: Fashion Image & Styling / Creative / Model

“I fight because I grew up in a world that didn’t allow us to know our own culture, didn’t allow us to know our own pasts and automatically made me feel like I didn’t fit into my own country even though I was born here. A country that doesn’t respect our culture and our values. I fight because the next generation must feel at peace and not have to deal with the trauma that we’ve been through and our experiences. They should be able to be in a world that respects their culture, and respects them and their values and the differences of their values instead of making them feel like everybody else and not teaching them about what it means to be black in this country and all around the world.”


Amesha: Student

“I fight simply because I can. Without my contribution, the fight would be weaker, the voice would be quieter, we could lose the fight – I know I can fight. My platform may not be big, but my platform reaches people and those people reach more people. So without me, without my contribution to the fight, there is no fight at all. Because I can fight, I should fight and everyone else should do the same.”


Hayden: Student

“I fight not only for the past generation and their legacy, but I fight for my generation and the generations ahead.”


Jermainah: Small Boutique Owner / Medical Patient Coordinator

“I fight because I feel like if I don’t, I am allowing ignorance. I feel like I’m allowing my son to think that racism is okay, and I am allowing the perpetrator to think that their behaviour is okay, so that’s why I fight


Marcel: Teacher / Coach / DJ

“I fight for what I believe. It’s not necessarily about the life I’m living – It’s about my grandchildren’s children. I want them to have a better life, for them not to live through the same atrocities we’ve seen, the same laws that we’ve seen, the same level of negligence that a lot of black and ethnic minorities have received from the powers that be.”


Eli: Lawyer / Musician

“I fight against the stereotype. I fight to stop people seeing black men like myself as just good-looking, good in the bedroom. You’re either a footballer, or a musician or you’re a drug dealer. I fight against the stereotype. There’s a lot more to us than that.”


Yinka: Plastic Surgeon

“I fight so that my children do not have to fight. I fight so that my nieces and nephews do not have to fight. I hope that one day that this fight will be in history books only, but until that day, I must fight.”


Tileasha: Fashion Designer & Fashion Illustrator

“Because my parents have always taught me to fight – I never back down. So I continue to fight, for the black people.”




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