“Do what you wanna do, but always make sure you’re happy first” – 21-09-19

Picture the scene: you’re at the grand age of (insert age here), and you’re at home surrounded by loved ones. Laughter in the air, there’s generations of joy under one roof. The eldest, you’re head of the household. As you sit back and take in scenes of serenity, you begin to reflect upon the life you’ve lived. Are you filled with a satisfied sense of accomplishment, or is your conscience weighed down with a sullen notion of regret? In the game of life, one must decide upon the rules which governs their demeanour. Do you wish to coast by on ‘beginner’ mode, or do you aspire to level up? Ultimately, the choice is yours to make. This week, I introduce a man confident in the satisfied sense of accomplishment that awaits.

For 26 year-old Dajaine Jenkins, owner of Envisage Clothing, happiness is the true marker of success. “For me, it’s happiness”, he begins. “Do what you wanna do, but always make sure you’re happy first. I love what I do. If I can do this full time and not worry about anything and be financially secure, that’s good”.  And I agree. Many of us, context depending, are in roles we don’t enjoy. We do it because there’s bills to pay and mouths to feed. In short, responsibilities. On the other hand, there are those blessed to be in positions wherein there is a genuine sense of enjoyment. And I love that. You should never take for granted what you have!

I’ve always had little ideas but I never really gave myself the push to get it going.

Evan-42Due to his background in fashion, he confesses the ramblings of ideas to start his own brand have always been present. But, it wasn’t until a family trip where-in they became a reality. “I was in Jamaica on holiday and me and my uncle were talking about it and he said let’s give it a go, I’ll help you with it”. With the trading experience honed at BooHoo Man to his current position at JD Sports, it was time to make his move. “I could see the potential on numbers if you made a brand quite big. I knew the industry quite well. It was about me applying what I’ve learned to my own brand now”.

Stuck for a name, in conversation with a friend, he relays how it came to be. “A friend of mine said I love Envisage and it stuck with me”. Already thinking ahead, he sees Envisage as the starting point to a multi-faceted enterprise. “I wanna do different business from Envisage”. And why not? Yes there are those who stick to one area of expertise and thrive. But, there are also those who dare to dream, think and act in accordance to a bigger sense of achievement. “I’m trying to make a diverse clothing brand”, he asserts. And I commend that.

I enjoy it and I wouldn’t change anything for it.

Evan-44Operating since March this year, he’s relatively new to the apparel industry, but that should not be deemed a negative. He has big aspirations. “It can be as big as you want it to be”, he affirms. And why not? The power of imagination coupled with the will to succeed is a marriage that one should not attempt to alter. It’s a powerful union. To Dajaine, the best part of being a fashion designer is “coming up with an idea and seeing it come to life”. His biggest achievement to date: “just doing it. I’ve been dwelling on it for so long and it finally gave me a kick to just get it done”.

His advice to emerging fashion designers: “make sure you find a niche in the market and just get up and do it. People these days say I want to do this and a month down the line they’re still saying I want to do this. As soon as the idea comes into your head and you look through it and it makes sense just do it. If you fail, you fail –  you carry on”.

Instagram: @__envisageclothing / @jenkssyy

Model: @itsevansofori

Images by: @demzvisuals