JD Official – Black Friday Campaign – 26/11/18

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been turnin’ my notifications off for the majority of the day due to how often my phone kept vibratin’/bellowin’/illuminatin’. As you can imagine, I’m always on my phone so when I’m tryna zone out to a podcast, a nostalgic episode of somethin’ from my teen days or jus lockin’ off to some music, it was all becomin’ a tad frustratin’. This was all to the annoyance of my close ones. But I wasn’t purposefully airin’ anyone – a man just needed time to breathe. Anyhow, come Wednesday last week, I hopped on Insta and saw an inbox from the plug. It finally happened. I buss my campaign cherry.

LIXM3945In the past few months, I’ve been in and around some great individuals which afforded me the opportunity to attend brilliant events. But this was the first time I got the direct shout! And you know what, it’s an amazin’ achievement considerin’ how long I’ve been in the content game. So here and now, massive shout to JD (in particular, the plug that reached out and patterned the apparel in conjunction with their Black Friday offers! You know who you are! You be the funkin’ cool. You be the muh-funkin cool! Mad love for ya. What made me even more appreciative was the fact that when I hit up the YIC and told him the pattern, he was pleased for man as well. Like with most fields in life, you get the best play by who you know. But you gotta nurture those relationships.

LIXM3942First up, they blessed me with the ‘Nike Modern Full Zip’ hoodie. I’ll be the first to admit, it’s rare to catch me in a hoodie these days. In my younger days, a hoodie was an essential part of the street uniform (In the words of Push: “If You Know You Know”. Though those days are long gone (cue eye-roll), you can’t deny a nice hoodie. They go with most casual looks. Even though I copped this one in a large, it’s still a snug fit! Side note: When it’s winter, you’re single and you haven’t hit gym in like 8 months, you’re allowed to eat a normal portion plus a quarter. It’s startin’ to get brass outside. I’m on that ‘hibernation’ meal prep diet atm. Don’t watch that still. #Topless2019 (Give me till like March/April). You heard it here first. I can rescue my abs. Hairline’s finished though. Gonna have to invest in some magic spray for that. ‘

LIXM3949Next up: Nike Air Presto Fly (all black of course). I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – when it comes to kicks, I’m old school. With Nikes, I love the Air Max 90’s, Max 95’s and Max 1’s. ‘longside Tn’s and 97’s, these were all essential to the ‘street-wear’ culture where I hail from. For me, I wanted to evoke my ‘teenage-era’ hence the decision to wear black tracksuit bottoms for an overall all-black sports-wear feel. No longer a ‘wanton teen runnin’ the roads’, this look is more suited en route/durin’ a gym session. I can definitely see myself trainin’ in these kicks as the mesh design allows the feet to breathe in intensity, whereas the cushioned soles give that extra stability (especially if you’re set to do a spot of weight trainin’).

In all, this was an amazin’ opportunity and a brilliant induction to the collaboration side of campaignin’. This shall be the start of what will be an onslaught of amazin’ content as the gears are startin’ to shift!

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All images by @lixmheeley