Seven Liverpool x Adidas Originals – ‘Never Made’ – 17/10/18

You know what? It’s been a minute since I linked up wid da YIC still. Them man are movin’ Hollywood these days whilst I’m on the cusp of shiftin’ out the straight to ‘DVD’ sec. Can’t see them man there! Gonna have to start schedulin’ appointments through ‘payroll’ P.A. soon. But, I jest as I already digress from the topic at hand. Despite the distinction, we’re both players in the game. And you know what? That’s my son there ya know! I’m proud of his work-rate, his commitment to the craft, and the hustler’s ambition. The boy’s already made more that fiddy cents in this! For me, life’s been movin’ at a steadier pace since the initial onslaught that followed our first link. Conscious decisions had to be made to work smarter and indulge in work befittin’ of the ‘cool’ culture being cultivated at ‘I Be The Cool’. So seein’ as I love kicks and the fact that Adidas and Liverpool have already been good to the kid, when the plug hit the line with an event, man had to Khabib da ting: “Send location”.

And we turned up.

‘Longside Hollywood YIC, and @mattglpitman, we got the train from Picc Station just after 5 (we were waitin’ for @mattglpitman to finish work still). @remiakande had to handle a few things so he was gonna meet us there. Due to settin’ off slightly later than scheduled and classic railway delays, though the event began at 6pm, man didn’t step foot in the HQ till 7:30pm. Cue eye-roll. We were on some MMT (‘Manc Man Timin’). True say we were rollin’ wid ‘Hollywood YIC’, it is what it is. But we got there. That’s all that matters. After a lil name check on the door where set man’s name’s weren’t on the list  (due to an admin error), we got in to see what the dilly was. Side note: I ain’t gonna put him on blast, but I think they just didn’t want him there still. Fully stirrin’ the pot at this point I am.

Curated by Seven in conjunction with Adidas, the ‘Never Made’ event was hosted by DJ mrandyvotel ‘n’ bernieville. The simple idea: a representation of the Adidas Originals. Revamped. As per the Seven’s Insta story (which may no longer be available at the point of readin’ this), they were reppin’ “THE GENEALOGY OF ICONS – INSPIRED BY THE PAST, DESIGNED FOR THE FUTURE”. If as they say “there ain’t no school like the old school”, when it comes to classic sneaks, Adidas makes the final cut for the Headmaster position. They’re just that good. Simple. As aforementioned, true say we got there later than billed, we missed the initial talks. But the kicks were still on display in all their splendour. And there were some darin’ designs.

untitled-1ZX930 x EQT

Fact File –

First Launch: ZX9301988 EQT1991

“In the ’80s, Adidas unveiled the ZX series, a groundbreaking footwear franchise that would inform the  design ethos of the now-legendary ’90s EQT series. This release combines the upper of one of the lesser known ZX models, the ZX 930, with the classic-meets contemporary BoostTM EQT midsole, complete with the overflow 3-stripe marks that define every EQT model”.

untitled-29Rising Star x R1

Fact File –

First Launch: Rising Star1984 NMD Boost – 2015

“With its striking silver leather upper, contrast red 3-stripe marks and low profile design, the Rising Star silhouette is classic ’80s running model design. For this release, the shoe’s original rubber sole with coloured EVA inserts is replaced with the iconic NMD boost sole”.


Boston Super x R1

Fact File –

First Launch: Boston Super NMD Boost2015

“A multi-purpose runner originally designed for the Boston marathon, the Boston Runner is a classic example of ’80s Adidas footwear design. This new edition switches out the shoes original rubber sole for the iconic NMD Boost sole”.

Micropacer x R1untitled-27

Fact File –

First Launch: Micropacer 1984 NMD Boost – 2015

“Wrapped in silver leather and fitted with a digital stopwatch in its tongue, the Mircropacer silhouette was light-years ahead of its time when it first released in 1984. Its core philosophy and designed has informed countless Adidas designs since, and this new edition places the shoe’s original upper onto an NMD Boost sole”.

untitled-26Marathon x 5923

Fact File –

First Launch: Marathon1979 Boost – 2015

“One of the earliest running silhouettes released by Adidas, the Marathon model mesh upper with suede overlays is pure ’70s runner design. This shoe combines the Marathon’s model retro upper with the Boost sole of the retro-inspired I-5923 silhouette, placing a subtle twist on archive aesthetic”.

untitled-25Country x Kamanda

Fact File:

First Launch: Country –   1970 Kamanda2018

“First released in the 1970s as an aggressive all-terrain runner, the Country model’s nylon/suede upper has been combined with the distinctive textured gum sole of the Kamanda to create a striking take on the retro shoe design”.


I gotta keep it one hunned, I love the idea that the Orignals team have patterned. Mix the OG’s with the new. Though I’m not a fan of the colour-way, in my opinion, the best ‘hybrid’ would have to be the ZX930 x EQT. I like my kicks simple still. If you can drop that in some variation of black/white, we can talk numbers. I’m even willin’ to run wid a lil blue or red. It all depends how you blend it together still. Though the clear favourite sole was the iconic NMD, again, for me, the EQT soles fit the ZX’s like a glove. My favourite ‘thoroughbred’ kicks were hands down the Country’s. They be the cool!!!

untitled-33So, another event in the bag. We’re gonna keep the content comin’ at a steady ‘cool’ pace (self-nod there). Thanks to the guys at Seven ‘n’ Adidas for havin’ us. For what we managed to catch up on, it was amazin’. In the words of B.Malone“Manny in the (expletive) buildin”.


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