Gramm x The Basement Pop Up – 12-08-18

Seein’ as my last post was on a #ThrowbackThursday vibe, it’s only right I followed suit with this one. It makes sense to follow the structure. At least that’s what I’m tellin’ myself anyhow. But, here’s the truth of the matter. As the pop up took place on Carnival weekend, I had a lot of content to organise ‘n’ prep for the comin’ week. That, ‘n’ the fact I flew out to Greece for a week with my little hitta (haydenjarrett_) a couple days after the event took place. So, I had to put this one on the back burner till I touched back down on home turf. But don’t worry bout nothin’. We here now. We got the content. Let’s jump in ‘n’ tell you what went down at the gramm x basementapproved drop. 

untitled-10This is the second time I’ve collaborated with Gramm. The first bein’ courtesy of PP when I hit the bando to get bts coverage of the exclusive ‘Gramm Tours’ drip. You can check that out here. I reached out to ak__gramm on the day ‘n’ told him I was comin’ thru to chop it up ‘n’ get content. As he was busy elsewhere for the bts feature, I was keen to link up with the head distro for the first time in person ‘n’ see what’s good. Located somewhere in NQ, (I ain’t tellin’ ya where coz like Push says: “If ya know ya know”), I found the spot ‘n’ took the stairs down into the den of exlcusiv’ drip.

untitled-2Now, it’s fittin’ they did the collab drop with Basement as the venue was evocative of their PIC’s name. Once you got to the bottom of the stairs, you were indeed, in a basement. A sizeable sized room, the layout was minimal, clean but most of all, accessible. To the wall on your immediate left, there was a projected video runnin’ footage of the brands’ collections, models ‘n’ past endeavours. Next to that runnin’ along the back wall ‘n’ to the left of the room was the designated area for Basement’s ‘Summer 18’ drip. Their space featured framed pictures of models wearin’ the merch, a speaker system set up playin’ hip hop/drill/trap (after all, we were in the cut sellin’ that raw) ‘n’ assigned rails showcasin’ stock ready for sale. As well as the classic T’s (black/white/green), they came thru with the staple grey hoodies that were snug as a rahtid bug. For me, their waviest drip had to be the ‘Pique Polo’ set. Seein’ as the gallery image won’t do it justice as it’s on the rail, you’ll find it here on their website. Man can’t tell me that’s not the wave right there!

untitled-2Gramm’s side of the ‘do featured some staple produc’ of their own. T’s, the aforementioned ‘Tourist Vest’ from their previous blog post and the ‘Gyal Unit’ long sleeve lycra top. But I had a favourite: the ‘GYC TRBACKSUIT’. Version 2. Sittin down’ wid da MD, I picked his brain regardin’ the piece and the event itself. “The green tracksuit is a staple Gramm piece. We put it out, we come back, we version two’d it. Different fabrics, two tone colour match under the arm, different pockets. The base is essentially the same, but we’ve progressed. It also shows as a brand, we’re not gonna put out the same tracksuit. We always try ‘n’ build on what we got”. On the day of the pop up, the tracksuit was stocked as an exclusiv’, but it’s now available online. But I done told you already, “they bring that one hunned per cent raw that’s rare in the streets”. Get it steppin’ if ya don’t wanna be disappointed.

untitled-1For the time I was there, I saw an eclectic mix come thru and show love. From preteens, to teenagers, to young adults both brands’ have produced iconic collections that’s well respected in the streets. It’s all for the love of the culture. When asked the idea behind the pop up, AK replied: “you know what it was, we’ve got such a footprint in the city at the moment, we wanted to bring like minded people together. We wanted to meet people, network, vibes – see what other people are saying about the brand”. Considerin’ the turnout and the residual love both brands’ have garnered ‘n’ cultivated, it’s all positive feedback. Everyone’s happy with the distro. Keep that produc’ comin’! Havin’ already done Paris Fashion Week twice, shootin’ around 150 models whilst there, AK confirmed Gramm have greater things to come in France. “We’re stocked in a store in Nantes. We’ve got a pop up store there in October. And we’re gettin’ a lot of love from Tokyo.

That’s a lot of weight to pass thru customs! But they got this. Demz out.

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