Best Leeds (BTS) – 23-08-18

Certain tings you treat like fast food. 2 2 ingredients here, minimal prep there. It don’t require much. It’s exactly what it says on the tin. Just a quick respite to keep the hunger at bay ’til you reach home. But then, there’s other tings. Other tings which require experience, patience, effort, ‘n’ most importantly, love. Have you never wondered why the only person who could throw down better than mumzy was grans? They had the system patterned to the T. That’s the approach we took when cookin’ up this drop. A month in the makin’, it’s only right that we drop this on #ThrowbackThursday. This weren’t a ‘I’m Lovin’ It’ or ‘Have It Your Way’ bite to eat. This was a multiple ingredients, slice n dice, slow cook, keep ya elbow off da damn table ‘n’ say grace before you touch the cutlery meal. Pièce de résistance.

untitled-1Filmed by marvinnovation_, who’s been a freelance videographer since 09, modelled by lixmheeley ‘n’ rosannarii, and bts images ‘longside the current menu you’re readin’ courtesy of yours truly,  we cheffed up a promo vid in the infamous bando kitchen, (location still unknown to would be usurpers) for bestleedsuk. Owned by Perry who operates ‘longside the Mrs, this is a vintage shop with premium product ‘n’ clientele. Havin’ stock in retailers such as Topman ‘n’ JD Sports, as well as specialisin’ in their own branded garms, P’s spun the vintage game. ‘Longside all this, they stock labels such as Champion, Supreme, Stone Island ‘n’ garments that include American Football jerseys, tracksuits ‘n’ silk shirts that scream: ‘get me on the private jet to Ocean Beach NOW!’. Jump on the Insta page ‘n’ you’ll see for ya self! Being a 90’s kid himself, P knows what’s good when it comes to what the people want. BL’s got the attire you require!

untitled-4Keen to add a reputable shoot with an incredible brand to his portfolio, Marv told me how the link up came about. “It was kind of like a wingin’ it situation to be honest”, he begins. “I was always in ‘n’ out of the store. When you’re from Leeds, you know what stores are around. Perry is a serious guy. If you know him, you know him. If not, you have to build up a repertoire”. Marv wanted the shoot to portray a retro summer aesthetic. Bein’ a ‘multiple purchaser of items’, he thought, “let me try suttin”, so he went in store and chopped it up with Perry. “I gave him a bit of a background. I told him I started off in music videos ‘n’ did film at uni. He said sure, we’ll endorse it as they’ve done it before with freelancers to provide opportunity ‘n’ exposure”. As Perry was handin’ over stock at no charge and the shoot was in Manchester, assurances had to be made still. You don’t become successful by bein’ a fool. “I called Liam to confirm sizes, gathered the clothes myself ‘n’ left him my bank card ‘nd’said look that’s your security there to give him the reassurance it would be fine”.

untitled-8At the point of the shoot, Manc was experiencin’ some serious sunshine we haven’t seen in a minute. Bein’ from ‘Yard’, I keep Kingston’s weather forecast on my iPhone so I can see what’s good from time to time. No gas, the week before the shoot, couple days in Manc were hotter than Kingston! But, being typical Manc, it would start rainin’ on the ONE day man needed sunshine! Linkin’ up slightly later than billed, (this is showbiz baybee), we had to settle for an indoor location. Initially, we tried to pattern the topmost floor in Manchester Arndale only for a disgruntled security guard to tell us we couldn’t film inside. Man would a left in peace still, but nooo, he had to start tal’m bout “hurry up” n tried grabbin’ the bag with the swag. Ever bein’ the voice of reason ‘n’ havin’ never been in trouble a day in my life… I stepped forward to see what’s good, only to hear this eediat tal’mbout: “Look this conversation is irrelevant, you all need to leave”. Then he points to the stairs. Again, we were on the topmost floor. I told man straight: “Listen, you don’t want us here ‘n’ you want us gone as quick as possible. We took the lift up, we’re takin’ it down”. Then this guy starts tryna talk again. I cut it short with : “this conversation is irrelevant”. Then lixmheeley had an idea: “Let’s flip to the bando”. So we did.

untitled-6Though man couldn’t get the outdoor natural sun for the shoot, once on location ‘n’ we shown Marv round the bando, he was impressed. He was already internally patternin’ scenes and transitions from room to room. He worked well with the tools he had. Signs of a great. “When I start shootin’, I have an outlook on how I want it to look. Specific shots I know how it would come across on camera and how it would look in the final piece. I shoot as if I’m lookin’ at the film there so I shoot from a cinematic perspective”. Credit to the whole team still. Once the guys changed into the first outfits, we started rollin’. Shot on a Panasonic GH4 on a 28 mill lens at 70-80 fps, it looked smoooooth on cam.

untitled-2Ultimately, we got the job done same way, and it came out lookin’ criss. Under the head direction of Marv who was open to suggestions from the rest of the team, we were happy with the finished product. Even though you know what they say about too many chefs, in Marv’s words: “it was a team effort to create the final piece”. But in the end we trusted in the OG’s skills to bring it to the boil, set the table and let us dine on a feast of magnificence. Workin’ with the natural daylight which, after half hour or so begun peekin’ through the ominous clouds, we made the most of what we had on the day. “I wanted it to look like something that would look nice on tv”. I was gonna tell ya where the track came from used in the final cut, but you know what, nah. Same way we ain’t givin up the location of the bando ‘n’ the connecs from our previous link ups, we keepin’ this one close to the chest. For Marv, with hard work, patience and determination, he’s gonna go clear. In a convo post shoot, he relays: “I’m workin’ on a transition on somethin’ more cinematic. The goal ‘n’ the dream has always been to be a director of film. Now that I have my experience through music videos ‘n’ boxing projects, everythin’ that follows always has to be one level above what I did last time. I wanna create films for a wider audience”. When you consider he’s already worked with Yxng Bane (Doubted Me), Dapz on the Map, and he has upcomin’ work with Denzil Browne Jnr, Graft and Prince Omari, man can’t tell him nothin’. Go get it bro!

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