Adidas & JD P.O.D Launch feat Hardy Caprio ‘n’ Pusha T – 01-08-18

You know what? Man ain’t even got time to be settin’ a scene tal’mbout how we got to London, if the journey was smooth or if PP needed a ‘dd’ en route. Side note: He didn’t -he’s potty trained. Just know man got there init. Don’t worry bout the logistics. We ain’t got time for all dat. Since I left London after a stint in North West, I’ve been back sparingly. I wasn’t really one for the hustle and bustle in comparison to Manchester. Then, that was an undecided Demz. Now, I’m becomin’ a social/content savvy G under the guidance of some triple OG’s. This place is the hub B. Soon as we touch down, quick flip to Wappin’ where we got a pre-game KFC, ordered an UBER (which took the finest p – I – double snakes to arrive). Quick one, it was a shared UBER. First time I’ve done one of them.

Once we jumped out, PP whipped out Google maps and we found the venue in no time. The girl who shared the UBER with us was a fellow creative en route to the same spot. Boom, I know I said I didn’t have time to be settin’ scene, but I have to add this bit. When man hit the corner, we saw Splinter laid out on the curb – flies and all. I dunno where Michelangelo and the rest of the sqauw were, but Shredder finally got the big homie. RIP. Only those that watched my Insta story on Wednesday will know what I’m tal’mbout. Honestly, that’s an absolutely random tidbid, but hey, it gives the story a lil flavour. Say suttin’! Soon as I said a quick prayer for Splinter, we hit a right, saw the security and the queue and I thought to myself, not today! PP whipped out the I, belled da connect who came to the front in less than 30 secs and blessed man wid the VIP walk through. No queue – no nothin’.

untitled-2As the title of the post states, the concept behind the VIP event was to push the new P.O.D’S (pictured) which dropped at 11pm on August 1st. Just look at em. They’re sleek. They’re comfy. They’re ard bodied! Tru say there was a mixup at the venue, my walk thru pair are comin’ via special delivery next week. I know Adidas n JD have got this covered so I ain’t worried bout nothin’. Seein’ as PP is admittedly higher up the food chain than ya boi, his pair was boxed, labelled and ready for receipt upon arrival. Adidas n JD know how to look after the man dem still. Power to you guys. We appreciate the love every time. Once da connect sorted out some space in the cloak room and threw two VIP wristbands on man, I headed out side on a quick one to hop behind cam so PP could get some footage for his socials. That should be droppin’ today still. Check his socials later on. Footage done and dusted, we stepped back inside and headed into the main room to see what was really good.

untitled-8Here’s how the night was set out. The event kicked off from 7pm wherein only VIP’s had access. So anyone rangin’ from creatives, photographers, influencers, ambassadors etc. Long short, you had to be drip gang to be inside at this point. It was a chance to mingle with individuals in a similar line of work. What I found crazy at this point was, you’d be lookin’ around the room, see someone you recognise from the Gram and be like, that’s such n such. You may not have met in person before, but because you both eff wid da hustle, it’s a mutual respect when you both step to and say: “What’s good?”. It was a mazza still. I can’t deny. The game is deffo about makin’ connects and nurturin’ said connects on an organic basis. You’re always gonna need a re-up. And that’s the thing – all parties involved provide a service that’s needed by another. I was in my element still. But I ain’t even got to the best bits yet.

untitled-27Whilst everyone was makin’ power connects, 1XTRA’s jamzsupernova was providin’ dat atmospheric sound spinnin’ Hip Hop/RnB at a moderate level. At this point in the night, it was a meet n greet. It wasn’t a shubz. Yet. Again, big shout to the Adidas n JD team for the hospitality. Round the room I saw people with ice cream and drinks. I’m sure I saw one or two hot dogs. Feelin’ semi parched, I stepped to da bar wid PP to get a drink and saw alcohol. You know where this is goin’ already. Now, being at a networkin’ event in London, I thought, now is not the time to partake in a drink, especially if I’m gonna be charged a weekly Asda visit for one drink. As big man in front collected his drink, I tapped him and asked the runnin’ price for a spirit. Man turned round and said: “It’s free cuz”. SNM. “Hi Darlin’. May I get a double G & T and a double rum n coke please?” 

untitled-32Drinks in hand, by this time, the room was fillin’ nicely. The event was open to the general public on a first come, first serve basis – I think. Don’t quote me on that. Here’s what I remember about London: The culture. The scale. The vibe. The women. Yeah Yeah. I came to network. And that we did. But I ain’t Ray Charles to an attractive woman. You mad! I was swimmin’ in a pool full a brown sugar. Oh London. I’ve missed ya still ya know! By that definition, when PP spotted someone to his likin’, he was tal’mbout: “Yo Demz, good bit of table salt over there for me” Can we say that without reprimand? I’m unsure. In case we catch some flack on this one, we mean it in no way to objectify. We are incredibly appreciative of condiments. That is all. Don’t hurt us when you see us 🙂 Anyhow, as my young G PP so ‘eloquently’ puts it: “Life’s a bit too mad for a wifey right now”. From a career perspective, the universe is alignin’ beautifully for us. We ain’t even got time to catch the 07. We admire from a far and keep it movin’.

Now – on to the show.

untitled-21As the title so tells ya, Adidas n JD lined up two very special guests to bless the night on another level. Turnin’ the music all the way down to an inaudible level, Jamz announced to the crowd we should make our way to the second room as the show was about to begin. Once everyone hustled and bustled in, after a few warmsin’ tunes, the DJ announced man like Hardy Caprio was ready fi put in work n do his thing. Steppin’ through the double doors from the back of the room, he jumped on stage and blessed us wid a 20 minute or so set. In all honesty, the only track I’ve heard from him was ‘Super Soaker’ n a snippet of ‘Best Life’ when his PIC Oneacen performed at JD couple weeks back. Though not well versed in his music, I enjoyed the set. Performin’ other hits such as ‘EIO’, and ‘Rapper’, he was a great openin’ to what was yet to come!

untitled-24Now. Let me tell ya a lil suttin bout da man, da myth, da rahtid icon – Pusha T. I’ve been listenin’ to King Push for about 8 years now. I’ll be the first to admit, I didn’t know much about him in his Clipse days ‘longside Malice (sacrilege, I know), but I’m givin’ dis da full one hunned so that’s why I’m being honest. I was introduced to him by a ‘friend’ of mine way back who shall remain unnamed. Just know that when it comes to Hip-Hop, I will put this ‘friend’ in a room with ANYONE who claims their Hip-Hop knowledge is A1 and they will hold their own around most! Coincidentally, this ‘friend’ was the one who introduced me to what I call the ‘trifecta’ of rap: Kung Fu Kenny, King Cole and of course, KP. Wherever you are these days, you da MVP! Now I’ve seen Cole perform in Sheffield back in ’11, Kenny in Leeds of ’13, so I’ve been waitin’ to complete the set for a minute now. And for allowin’ da boy to do so, Adidas/JD, you guys came through wid da damn thing! LOVE DAT!

untitled-23Though I revere these three, end of the day, man a man and can’t be screamin’  n movin’ like a fan girl. So when KP come thru the same doors as Caprio flanked by a battalion of security, I positioned myself so he walked right past me. I’ve seen him up close n personal. It’s all a mazza still. Now, as expected, KP’s set was heavily laden wid riddim from his latest project ‘Daytona’. Tracks such as ‘If You Know You Know’, ‘The Games We Play’, ‘Hard Piano’ … actually, come to think of it, I’m suuuure big man performed the whole tape – in order as well? Honestly, the mere realisation this was a ‘bucket list’ moment, I can’t say with absolute certainty. He dropped other tunes like ‘Blocka’ and his verse on Kanye’s ‘So Appalled’. Suuure he took it back n dropped a ‘Clipse’ era verse.

untitled-25I’ve listened to ‘Daytona’ multiple times, but not enough to soak in the lyrics to spit em bar for bar wid KP like others in the crowd. You guys are on job still. Big up ya self. I think the only KP tape I’d have a minimum 70% success rate of goin’ bar for bar at a concert is 11’s ‘Fear of God’. That was my intro to KP. That was, is, will always be my ish. ‘Daytona’ bangs, I just need to find the time to keep listenin’ n let it sink. Here’s my favourite bit of KP’S set: when he dropped ‘Infrared’. I ain’t got time to go into the whole KP vs Drake ting coz that’s been n gone. What I am gonna say is on the night, when the recognisable bass guitar and the sampled “Infrared, yeah, you know what I mean” begun, some Drizzy fans were audible in their disapproval of what I think is an incredible record. I dunno what they thought? KP ain’t gonna drop a hard bodied track to save your feelin’s? You mad! Though I haven’t had time to soak up the whole project, this track is the one which I seem to have on loop all the time. It’s not even for the diss element in particular. The instrumental just drips in a whole heap a Heinz fresh from the bottle.

But yeah, to wrap it up. It was an amazin’ experience once again. Big shout to the connect at Adidas n JD for hostin’ another great event. We love this. A chance to link up with other creatives and a free show? Can’t say no to that at all! To everyone involved in pullin’ this off, you’re all wonderful humans. Love.

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