Reebok – Alter The Icons – 27-07-18

PP DA YIC struck again! In the space of 5 days, Liverpool’s shown us nothin’ but love. And for that, we’re eternally grateful. Opportunities keep emergin’, and we keep on workin’. In the fortnight we’ve known each other, the grind has been nonstop. I’ve had to cancel plans with friends and had a visit just to ensure I still exist. A conversation I had last night was the first ‘social’ conversation I’ve had in around a week. I needed that. Pullin’ 18-20 hour days like a man 12 years my junior, I’ve been survivin’ on pure will. There’s no complaint here. Each day I edge closer. So when PP got the call from da connect to head across to Footlocker to check out the new Reebok drip, (VIP) of course, all notions of sleep vanished in an instant. We weren’t lettin’ that one slide.

Not dissimilar to the chaos that was the return trip to Manchester from our last visit (you’ll here about that next week), this was an eventful journey. PP said coach, so I said yeah, let’s do it. Booked from the previous night, we arrived at the station to be told there was an accident involvin’ an overturned caravan which caused the significant delay. I hope those involved are okay and well. Plan B. Train. We rushed across to Piccadilly, grabbed our tickets and headed to Platform 14. (I never did get my letter). After a small wait, we boarded a packed train where we had to stand for the first part of the journey. We eventually got a seat. Literally one seat – so we squashed horizontal. I should have got someone to take a picture.

Jumpin’ off at South Park Way, (Lime Street is back in full effect next week), I realised, I left my IBTC logo at Piccadilly. Maybe losin’ things is my way of levellin’ up? My work life and productivity significantly increased since I lost my phone two weeks ago. Where ever you are logo, make papa proud! Let’s see what good fortune your loss brings. Anyhow, jump cut to the subject of the blog post, we grabbed an UBER from SPW to the main bus station and headed towards Footlocker in search of da connect. Once found, we were taken to the back of the store into the VIP area whilst we waited for Remi and the other influencers. Eventually, they arrived. Side note: PP always arrives ahead of schedule. They weren’t late.

Now, let’s talk Reebok.

untitled-9.jpgEssentially, they’ve ‘altered the icons’. They’ve taken the iconic duo that is the 83 Classics and 87 Workouts and added a modern twist. The core of both kicks remain. They haven’t changed the silhouette, essence or feel. Same Reebok – new drip. It’s tried. It’s tested. It’s trusted. I’m very ‘analogue’ when it comes to kicks. I’m old school. Certain kicks will remain timeless. It’s as simple as that. In an age where we have a lot of ‘digital’ kicks (pieces that come with a heavy price tag due to a major name collab), Reebok has a solid notion of their target audience. They don’t need to join the rat race. They’ve been gettin’ the fromage. Let the others run wild.

untitled-3There are a few things in life that gets me as excited as my nephew when you give him the green light to wet you with his water pistol. He took it too far last time. He’s not ready for round 2. I digress. Kicks are one of those things that gets me genuinely happy. The others, I shan’t mention here. It’s not Reebok appropriate! After choppin’ it up wid da connect (who shall remain unnamed because you know how that goes), I gained a better understandin’ of the idea behind the new drip. It’s essentially a modernisation of a timeless piece. Keep the quality of what has made it so popular, but add details which do not detract from the core. Once I kicked it wid da connect, I went straight to the Workout shelf, grabbed both colourways and took a seat.

untitled-13For me, Workouts are one of those aforementioned timeless pieces. It has an incredible silhouette. It’s a throwback. This modern design has subtle details which adds to the street value of the merch. Da connect told me to tell you: The price gon’ up. But I agree. Yeah yeah, I didn’t part with ‘Lizzie’ for mine, but I never said I wouldn’t. When I had these in my hand (pictured), I had to reach for my flannel to dry my palms. Whole lotta sauce in one pic. What I love about these are the minute details I keep mentionin’. I love how the red on the midsole’s vector and Union Jack contrast on this black and white colourway. In the rectangular box on the outer side panel reads: ‘Concept Sample 001’. I can’t deny. I was slightly disappointed when da connect confirmed this was a gen pop detail and not one designated for us wardens. But, hey, I suppose to make a peaceful life, gen pop needs some warden benefits. We can’t have a riot on the wing. On the outer side of both shoes, ‘Reebok is partially hidden by the lace panel which gives it a distinct look. The heel of the left shoe reads ’19’, the heel of the right reads ’87’, to form… the first time these bricks hit the street. For 31 years, they have been a staple! If I had one detail I would add, it would be the detail found on the tongue of the Workout+. That is the wave!

untitled-12Though I’ve never had any particular inclinations towards the Classics, one must respect the hierarchy. Similar to the Workout’s, the heels of these are split (left and right) to convey when they dropped: ‘1983’. Perhaps without the Classics, I wouldn’t have gotten my beloved Workouts. The Classics could pull rank on the Workouts at any given moment. But these drips work in unison. No friendly fire here. It’s a similar set up to the Workouts with the midsole vector, partially hidden ‘Reebok on the outer (though I prefer the effect on the Workout), and Union Jack detail on the outer side. These come in the white colourway (pictured) and black and white (check the gallery).

untitled-10To finish, in the end, I opted for dat new Workout drip in maroon. Common sense told me to cop choose the black and white ones as they are more practical. But, I already have multiple kicks in that colourway. Once I got these in my hand, I was starin’ at them like… (can’t say that here). Let’s just say it was reminiscent of a special… (can’t say that either). Simply put, these kicks are beautiful. I can’t say it in any other way. They’re beautiful.

Again, thank you to Reebok and Footlocker for having us. You guys were amazing.

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Featured image by lixmphotography