Gramm Tours New Drip (BTS) – 25-07-18

At the point of doin’ this impromptu write up, the new Lightweight Drop Pack boastin’ two adjustable webbin’ straps with 4 internal compartments has been ‘n’ gone. And that was a re-stock. Proof you say? I’ll save you the effort of hittin’ Google. See for yourself. Right here. That’s the power of the Gramm drip. They bring that one hunned per cent raw that’s rare in the streets. These guys are the plug everybody wants, but not everybody can get! Their products are reminiscent of a thief in the night. In. Out. No face. No case. You’ve got to be quick to cop that exclusive merch!

untitled-2I caught up with the team, (bar AK who was on job elsewhere) late in the shoot at a top secret location where they drafted in PP DA YIC to capture images of the new Tourist Vest that dropped today! Well, yesterday by the time this goes live! The vest specs are as follows:

Iridescent Taffeta Nylon Outer – (I’m not even gonna lie, I had to Google that one). Wait till you see it in person! It BANGS!

Adjustable webbin’ straps

2 Open Front Pockets

2 Open Hidden Front Pockets – (Whatever you wanna use those pockets for… that’s on you!) Don’t try runnin’ back to the plug tal’mbout this and that. Use that to stash the jew-ells when the situation looks risky.

Thick Mesh Backin’

T-shirt holder on the back – (I love this feature). For me, it’s when I’m knee deep in the middle of a rave and the sweat starts stingin’ the eyes. You know it’s time to remove the T. At present, they’re stocked in sizes  S-M or X-XL. Fun fact. The Tourist Vest attaches to the Drop Pack. So if you managed to cop both, take a picture and tag Gramm. That’d be a crazy look on their Insta.


During the shoot, I managed to chop it up with e__gramm, (the team’s stylist) who shared a few words conveyin’ what he brings to the table. “From a stylist perspective, get the models as comfortable as possible”, he asserts. “You never wanna try too much. I like to make a look where people actually look at it and think I can rock that”. And I agree. Model comfort is key when you want to evoke the genuine feel and look of your collection. With the current product, the idea is to shoot in multiple locations that are representative of Gramm’s identity. “Every little place that we f*ck wid, we’re gonna hit it up n get it done”.  In the brief moments spent with the sqauw, from the energy, to the movement, and the vision, they’ve got this patterned!

Go check em out now! If you copped through this article, let me know so I can try and pattern a referral vest! (Cue eye roll here). That T shirt holder is a game changer!

All images by @lixmphotography

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