For those that read last week’s entry, welcome back. For those that are new to #OperationIdris, welcome. You can check out the previous entries here. For those that have been with me since the inception, I know what you’re thinkin’: “where’s the feature image?” Here’s the truth. It didn’t occur to me until March to turn this into a blog post series. Luckily, I’ve been takin’ progress pics from the off. However, I decided to get fancy ‘n’ did an Insta gif upload instead coz you know, why not? I actually tried to use the gif as a feature image but computer said no. A gif isn’t an image after all. Anyhow, this week, I introduce to you: #OperationIdris – Month 3.

For those that read last week’s entry, welcome back. For those that are new to #OperationIdris, welcome. You can check out the previous entries here. So, after a relatively successful first month back in the Church of Gainz where I adopted the ‘Bro-split’ method to ease my way back in, I decided to change the split. I felt I could do more. Though infrequent, I have been liftin’ for a while. “Your body can handle more than this – push yourself”, I said mentally. So I did. This week, I introduce to you: #OperationIdris – Month 2

For those that read last week’s entry, welcome back. For those that are new to #OperationIdris, you can check out the first entry here. To quickly recap, last week was essentially a ‘brief’ introduction about my journey so far in the ‘Church of Gainz’ (aka the gym). There’s been incredible highs. There’s been incredulous lows. But, through it all, I always somehow managed to stay true to the faith. Once you’ve been baptised in the sweat of pain, you’re now part of the fellowship of ordained lifters. There’s no convertin’. This week, I introduce to you: #OperationIdris – Month 1. 

Son. Brother. Partner. Father. Activist. Friend. Rapper. Songwriter. Entrepreneur. Visionary. Icon. King. Neighbourhood Nip was a man amongst men. Though I’ve used those terms to determine the late Ermias, he was much more. Here stood a man who was at the helm of his own destiny. He was a leader. It’s a powerful thing when a man is confident in who he is, what he is ‘n’ how he carries himself. But in his own, now prophetic words, so it has come to pass. He was a legend.

Here’s the thing. When I decided to set up I Be The Cool last year, the idea was for it to be a platform that primarily showcased music and fashion pieces. Whether you’re a rapper; singer, DJ, producer, fashion designer, artist, it didn’t matter. If your ‘art’ fits the pre-requisite, this is the place to be. But; you have to be the the muh-funkin’ cool. However, there was an ulterior motive. IBTC was a way for me to flex my literary skills and somewhat put my English degree to some good use. As some of you are aware via my daily gym uploads on Insta, at the point of writin’ this, I’m enterin’ my fourth consecutive month of trainin’. In that time, I’ve had numerous people ask questions regardin’ dietin’, trainin’ splits and the mental strength needed to persevere. Durin’ a rest period in the gym last week I thought to myself, why don’t I create a blog series about my journey? Then I thought to myself, the only platform I have at present is IBTC; that’s for music and fashion features. Then I realised, it’s my blog space; I’m the one payin’ for it. In the words of a former friend from uni: “I’ll do what I want!”. With that in mind, I created a new tab under the Lifestyle section. This week, I introduce to you: #OperationIdris – The Inception.

The rise of Social Media has been nothing short of phenomenal. From its desktop infancy to its mobile ‘adult-essence’, there has been a marked maturity in the way individuals connect. With a compatible device and a few touches on a screen, one can reconnect with an old high school acquaintance, ‘match’ someone based on a profile, or in a Creative’s case, use it to showcase the flair that lies within. Careers have been built, prospered and maintained via effective use of the various mediums. But, let’s play devil’s advocate. If SM ceased to exist, would your social skills survive the cull? This week, I introduce a man whose social skills would not only ensure his survival, they would also ensure that he thrives as an apex in world that recognises real relationships have always been the true source of power.