See: transitive verb:

  • to perceive by the eye
  • to form a mental picture of: “can still see her as she was years ago”

Source: Merriam Webster 

See: verb – to understand, know, or be aware

“I can see why you didn’t want to go out with him.”

See: verb – to consider someone or something in a particular way

“I can’t see my brother as a businessman.”

Source: Cambridge dictionary

Black: noun – colour

“(of) the darkest colour there is, like night.”

Black: adjective – dark skin

“of or belonging to a group of people having skin that is brown.”

Black: adjective – bad (without hope)

“The future looked black.”

Black: adjective – bad or evil

“A black-hearted villain.”

Source: Cambridge dictionary 

Black: adjective

  • characterised by the absence of light – “a black night”
  • old-fashioned + literary thoroughly sinister or evil : wicked – “when the king heard of his black deed…”
  • indicative of condemnation or discredit – “got a black mark for being late”
  • characterised by hostility or angry discontent: black resentment filled his heart”
  • distorted or darkened by anger: “his face was black with rage”

Source: Merriam-Webster dictionary

Picture the scene: you’re at the grand age of (insert age here), and you’re at home surrounded by loved ones. Laughter in the air, there’s generations of joy under one roof. The eldest, you’re head of the household. As you sit back and take in scenes of serenity, you begin to reflect upon the life you’ve lived. Are you filled with a satisfied sense of accomplishment, or is your conscience weighed down with a sullen notion of regret? In the game of life, one must decide upon the rules which governs their demeanour. Do you wish to coast by on ‘beginner’ mode, or do you aspire to level up? Ultimately, the choice is yours to make. This week, I introduce a man confident in the satisfied sense of accomplishment that awaits.

Irrelevant of the profession one chooses for their life, know your worth. Irrelevant of the people one decides to be in their life, know your worth. And most importantly, irrelevant of the parameters one determines to place on their life, know your worth. In a time where anything and anyone can be easily replaceable, it is easy to mistake quantity for quality. We have reached the zenith of consumerism. That being said, there are those who have an unwavering predisposition to remain true to self, only engaging in unions that are to the betterment of self and spirit. This week, I introduce a man genuine of heart who has always kept one notion at the fore: “know your worth”.

Son. Brother. Partner. Father. Activist. Friend. Rapper. Songwriter. Entrepreneur. Visionary. Icon. King. Neighbourhood Nip was a man amongst men. Though I’ve used those terms to determine the late Ermias, he was much more. Here stood a man who was at the helm of his own destiny. He was a leader. It’s a powerful thing when a man is confident in who he is, what he is ‘n’ how he carries himself. But in his own, now prophetic words, so it has come to pass. He was a legend.

The rise of Social Media has been nothing short of phenomenal. From its desktop infancy to its mobile ‘adult-essence’, there has been a marked maturity in the way individuals connect. With a compatible device and a few touches on a screen, one can reconnect with an old high school acquaintance, ‘match’ someone based on a profile, or in a Creative’s case, use it to showcase the flair that lies within. Careers have been built, prospered and maintained via effective use of the various mediums. But, let’s play devil’s advocate. If SM ceased to exist, would your social skills survive the cull? This week, I introduce a man whose social skills would not only ensure his survival, they would also ensure that he thrives as an apex in a world that recognises real relationships have always been the true source of power.